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Vacation Innovations has served as a trusted partner within the travel industry since 1999, offering best-in-class travel services and industry-leading expertise in vacation ownership solutions for consumers and developers. We proudly provide our clients and partners with innovative, high-end products and services that drive revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.

We’re thrilled to join you at this year’s GNEX Conference and look forward to connecting. Below, you’ll find who we have in attendance, Bryan Rand’s Expo LIVE! presentation, a digital version of our brochure, and PhocusWire’s White Paper on the Rise of the Secondary Market.

Interested in finding out more? Feel free to reach out or stop by and see us in the Networking Lounge (Booth 2).

In Attendance

Chad Newbold, Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Rand, President

Sergio Santos, Chief Product Officer

Edwin Lugo, VP of Operations

Glen Curtis, VP of Marketing

Iris Addison, VP of Operations

Alex Glover, Director of Communications

Nick Baker, Creative Director

Tarron Messner, Strategic Travel Manager

Bryan Rand – Expo LIVE! Presentation

We hope you enjoyed hearing from our President, Bryan Rand, as part of Expo LIVE! If you’d like to share his slides with a colleague who wasn’t able to join, or if you just want to go over the details, feel free to download his presentation and reach out with any questions.

Explore Opportunities with HSI

Interested in finding out more about Vacation Innovations and HSI, and how we can work together? Download our corporate brochure to explore our range of enterprise-focused brands, services, and solutions. We’re here to connect, so please be sure to stop by and see us in the Networking Lounge (Booth 2).

PhocusWire White Paper – The Rise of the Secondary Market

From humble origins at a single resort, timeshare has evolved into a major segment of the global travel industry.

Change has been an industry constant, as new entrants and marketplace forces have reshaped the contours of the industry and redefined the role of all the players in it.

Consolidation is the defining trend of the times, a trend that will impact the entire timeshare ecosystem. This report provides an overview of the evolution of the timeshare industry with a focus on the secondary, or resale, market.

It covers the size, scope and importance of the secondary market within the broader timeshare ecosystem, identify the leading companies that operate in the secondary market, and examine opportunities to broaden resale’s role working with potential and existing owners and collaborating with developers.